I Know I’m Going To Miss Tonight

9 May

for S., T. & L.

when the sun comes up I’m going

to put on my shoes, and put on

my shades. Pack up my guitar

slowly, so I don’t wake anyone


Always feeling like a stranger on

the road, I know I’m going to miss

tonight. In this short life of mine

this is a picture I’ll always hold

close to the eyes of my world.

Everything is just so fine, a

hot pot of tea, and I’ve learned

what a joy life can be when you

grow up into a family.

I know I’ve reached that certain

age now. I know that I’m too old

too turn around on this strange

road, and I feel too young to

even be here. Standing at the


My guitar didn’t make the journey.

I stood on your door a troubadour

without an insturment,

without a home and I found a place

to be me.

That’s why I know I’m going to

miss tonight years from now.

Just as I miss it tonight knowing

in life there are few places you

can truly crawl to when your

down in this half insane world.

I’ve been looking for some time,

and I wonder where did all the

good times go.

“I cannot recently remember having

been so totally satisfied,”  she said

someday, and I recounted the tale.

I know I’ve got problems, isn’t that

why I write all these songs?

We all discussed the gravity of someday,

and how I truly believed that anyone

could be in love with anyone because

people are the greatest thing

according to


I told you all a story that was

completely true, if not completely


You offered me a place to rest my

head, and I know I”m going to

miss tonight just like one misses

those who have become phone


I’m most happy when I’m talking

with my friends, but recently

I’ve been saying too many

goodbyes to count.

One of these days one of

these songs is going to

kill me, but not tonight.

And. Even when I’m not

invited I hope your

parties are the best.

And. Blue shadows begin

to fill my visions of love like

Frosty the Snowman in a cave

melting in a cave full of

Christmas and light.

Don’t take those lights away from me.

The candle that was burning in the

dark was not burning because you

needed to see, but because I did.

And. I know, someday, I’m going

to miss tonight, so let us remember,

someday, that there is only one person

who will ever get the rest of you- that

part you’ve never given away.

That someday’s happened for the two of

you, and one fine day someone will

shine like the sun in the sky for me.

Due to the overpopulation I’m a vegetarain.

All this pollution is fucking up my eyes.

And. I know I’m going to miss tonight.


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