Dialouges With The Founder of The Vasage Way

15 Jun

*Note: In 1884 Gamille Derouges published the first volume of “Dialogues With The Founder of The Vasage Way”- which would come to be known as his master work. Shortly thereafter he witnessed the cold execution of four of his years. His work after 1888 is considered by most scholars to be very uneven in quality and highly violent in parts. The first three dialogues from his master work are presented below.


Dialogue One


Gamille: Yours? This one here, and that one there you’d like to get them all mad in their flesh?


Founder: You have done your job as a child, you know? No, you are no longer needed like a burning lamp in a cup.


Gamille: Why? You can’t leave me alone in this cafe- it is not even in Paris.


Founder: Because you stole the bridegroom when the door was safely locked, that’s why.


Dialogue 2


Gamille: Whatever is this sunset doing here?


Founder: A forgivable sin, it can be forgiven quickly, for how often have you faced the peaks of Jesus preserve us all in the gloaming.


Gamille: It is still a daily tragedy.


Founder: Mind your symbolic and expressionistic dream plays.


Dialogue 3


Gamille: It’s freezing! Can’t those alight in the background?


Founder: Marie’s hidden the gables of the house, the king stares blankly out his window, and you complain of the cold.


Gamille: I despise this kingdom. The King made me kiss his ring, but what can I do?


Founder: I do the King’s bidding, and you are my disciple. It has always been that simple.


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