Chocolate Clowns Melting in the Sun

3 Aug

Cannot save?
Other than his
own will
other millions
who never worship
at all carry
the crucifixion
of a criminal
in their hearts-
Lord himself in
human form- an
apparent loser
may be the great
western myth of
everything is
to forgive

Cemetary monuments
of vanity- a larger
point is powerfully
made- on his way home
he passes by a world
that, “I haven’t
noticed,” he says

Everyone must eventually
fall into the earth and
die. There are events
that lie behind everything,
we see all our lives
through them- like windows
of stained glass- let there
be light before, during, and
after the void. Then- it
delivers- nowhere like the
Lord Commander. Who is going
to level the mountains?
Who is going to fill in the

Everything happens in time.
No one will look at you
with kindness ever again.

The prospect of reducing
such enemies as if they
were the chaff.

Something unspeakable has
ultimately set forward
the notion that a human
being should ever
be sacrificed for


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