Sometimes I Wear The Mask, and Sometimes The Mask Wears Me

3 Aug

I strive for the world that was.
Over real people who of exactly the same
man: monk’s coat
“earlier.” Examine the purity of your flock.
Traces on the pages of Bible. Ripples
on a moat.

I will put on a mask of enmity. I
mentioned as a motive my
eccentricity. The shot of a warning
look, even for the working,
speaks of the brain. Mask, was
it your voice? Haft end first.

It might be noted that God begins in
the Book. Mask you meditate on the
morning star as written documents
simply subsume into law Sunday
bishops, elemental kings,
and of the empire’s key
in a wizard’s
side pocket-
a Mask.

Art may have some degree of
influence over real people who
actually are lights that lay
outside time.

The mask shakes its head, after
the start of time, that most
valuable object, eclipsed
the broken face of the moon.

God relies on man even for
the working as seen in the
Book of Genesis. Depending
on your point of view knowledge
is a mask. Eat.


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