Cigarettes for Breakfast

4 Aug

Getting it on with the fuckin’
archaeology- I am an early
contender. I mean, were
we really even born then?
Anecodotal sessions on the
phone about sunshine resorts.

Eerie gambits were tried and
tested- taking records down
off the shelf. As ever I
write all these thoughts
down- filing them in my
used record store brain

Find a better deal if you
can elsewhere. Others may
have beginnings just as
crude, and their sounds
might be just as grating.
I can realize where true
strength truly lies.

Things faintly blowing-
right up there with eras
of endless days and nights
after time disintegrating-
in the wind.

I am kicking my way upstream
again, is it fair for me:

to say we tower over the
lost that
however treasonous that love
may prove to be?

to pin this all, everything,
down on a place where
people drift endlessly?


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