Portrait of My Brain Under Construction Again

5 Aug

Vague notes
by Mermaids
in the

Songs of
Juniper sheds,
burnished fonts,
sterling silver
nymphomaniac knife
swank, and
for a broken faced

Gold is gold-
Fay or elf.

Corneous synapses fire,
and aerobically divide
materializing into
Mendoza toothpicks
stacked by
archaic milkmaids
in the mind
of a killer.

Recursive gestures and
existential strategies
groping outward in
a multiprogramming
simulation of
brainwashed pedagogy.

A vegetative
morphism tips
the scales and
wins the final

Iron warped vapors, and
iron wrapped climatology
reports lead to kingdom
elimination, but
temporal buildings
remain unaffected.

Vague notes regarding
my habitual prognosis
scribbled down by
cable nesting ascetics.
My stepwise narcotic
consciousness lead to a
pharmacopoeia of heresy
thundering along Romanized

Automated stockades guarded
by bowmen dryly swapping
cranky zeros as analytical
heritage leads to sad
endangered parties
in the dark.

Longing bicycle cards
crowd the streets.
Ushers and rooks rearrange
suspensions. The saints
improved things by
making them round.

The terminus of satisfied
telescope devils is
a scantly skirted
maiden of the sky
in cycles.

“Quit plundering,” said
the nonagenarian baiter.

I picket for impermanence
staring up at churchyard
mouldings. I substitute
immediately the tachometers
of infinite knowledge
for those


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