Visigoths in Rome

20 Aug

Drunk machines
discussion of conception, a
human child

Communion at
ten in the a.m.
Ignore the
lovers in the

The oracle is
of course opulent
like an openhearted
doctor at some
orgy. “Primordial’s
are always uncommon,”
he shouts as he
performs some
taboo operation.

The universe is truly
too much to ponder
when every uncommon
person is a separate
world in and of

Defiantly the lovers
depart. They are mobile
and we are not. Each of us
just a stationary
clearinghouse, along
some fearful, dark
road labyrinth.

Like trying to
explain the meaning
of clowns, all the worlds
are lost, hopelessly
adrift no matter how


2 Responses to “Visigoths in Rome”

  1. David King August 20, 2011 at 4:42 am #

    Hi Matt!
    I like this blog a lot. I’m so glad I wandered on to it. The visuals and the verses are excellent. Fresh and different from from the usual run. I shall obviously have to come back for a more extended browse.

    • mattspotentialpoetry August 20, 2011 at 1:19 pm #

      Hello David,
      Glad you wandered this way as well. Thanks for the kind words- I try my best to be both fresh and unique in both the verses I create and with the visuals I make- so I am glad you found some joy here. I do hope that you get a chance to come back for an extended browse post haste. I have also wandered over to your blog- taking a look right now, brother. Namaste.

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