A Concealed Play

23 Aug

You see it has unusually
long words and movements.
You must fasten these
lines- that he swore
with straps going
through buckles-
securely to your heart.

The man appears clearly
with his back
to the back
of the chair-
holding lines in his
own handwriting.
Many words are
selected, some
highlighted and
some crossed out.

“Will yo do this
to me to be obvious
and dramatic?”
The woman asks.

The man speaks:
“I can’t… this
dialouge is far
too kind…
made by a playwright.
You can’t keep it
to yourself, Doctor?”

A note in the margin reads:
perhaps he mistrusts his
own judgement based on
silent replies.

Perhaps there is a
manuscript available
for analysis of possibly
different endings-
all playing out in
the still
and quiet
dark room.

The principal players
a doctor or a nurse, and
myself the unknown player
holding the necessary
words in his
clenching hands.


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