I Think I’m Going Away

17 Sep

Your weird love
crushed my bones
red light
yellow light
green light
fuzzy go, and
I don’t need
your ghost
haunting me

I’m thinking that
maybe I’m gonna
go away, but
my breathing
is slow, so slow
not sure if
I’ll make it
that far away.

I’m gonna have another
go at paradise.
That’s what I’m
singing about
tonight, staring
at the TV, strumming
this guitar with
shaky clap hands,
say yeah.

I wear a crown of
nervous things
it lets the rain
hit my head. Heavy
smoker heavy doses
my psychosis
makes me jumpy
everything is
missing. I see
the plants beat
the concrete
and I hear the
back seat

In the twilight
hook, line and sinker
you started loving me
less only because I
started loving you

In the headlights
shining for a thousand
years- have I ever been
this alone? Feeling
kind of funky jumping
all over the place.

I know life is no great
shakes. There’s no fear
in my silence tonight-
I don’t cling to it, no,
it clings to me.

I’m a TV drinker changing
the stations- is that me
on the screen- my point
in life is incomplete static.

All I was trying to say is
that I never gave you flowers
because I did not wish
to kill
something wild.

I’m signing tonight
about going away
into the twilight,
yeah, I’m  thinkin’
maybe I’m
gonna away!


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