Graveyard #0 Poem

19 Sep

Never forget to polish the tombstones in your head.
The ones that mark the memories whose time has elapsed.
They will not always remain buried, so
Polish! Polish!

(you must start now)

Never forget to visit, and drop off cerebral flowers.
Drink to the good memories which vanished too soon.
Sit on a bench next to the parietal lobe, and
Listen to the echoes of night music create your
very own funeral dirge.
Polish! Polish!

(don’t stop now)

Put on your Sunday best and hitchhike for awhile.
You will arrive before you know it, they are waiting.
Pick out a hook next to one of the fondest ones, and
lower yourself on to it. Let the memory of wind twist
and turn you like a condemned leaf. Then fall down
on the stone path dripping memories of blood on the
stones. Take the hook from your back and begin to
Polish! Polish!

(you can never stop now)


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