Anagogical Visions of Great Mountains

10 Feb

We just can’t stop looking out the windows going through
the Great Smoky Mountians- waterfalls cascading-
and frozen running water it tricks your eyes and ears with its frozen notes-
an artist carefully shoots
gravel in a metal bucket- you
do what it takes in life to get that
dancing sound in a studio.

Later we’ll watch a man eat a breakfast twice the size of his head-
weird tastes, and he seems hypnotized by the TV screen cooking

But for now we let the mountains take our minds,
and the headphones split with a Y-connector-
and we listen to…
Van Morrison- yeah
it is perfect right now-
riding a bus through the
mountains as the sun goes down-
we’ll take our troubles & just let
them go,
and I am going
to throw my arms
hold onto you.


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