Into a Tunnel Under a Mountain

10 Feb

Last salvation smoke break over hitting the road for awhile, it
is a work of fiction, “What is?”

“I don’t know,” you say. We laugh.
And then an application error- eats an entire section of the poem-
and now- we start over- everything is easier with you-
even losing the fossils of a damn good poem due to that
old media machine getting hungry.

We could not decide why the man was asking whether
we’d be going over the flats. Going under the mountain, and through the Y-connection-
we took a ride- going all the way to Oklahoma with a strange boyman
whose bags were stolen by a trucker, no wait that was Tennessee.

My social life is mostly shaking hands with shadows, and railroad
hacks know the whistle means new tractor shoes, and we can’t
wait to crawl into bed. And real food Johnny B. be good- bacon and eggs-
eggs over easy- Good ‘N’ Cheap- and I was glad you didn’t have any weird pets.

“The one I just told you about, you know that story I just told you was kind of sad-
about Buttercup- one of the many dogs I’ve grown up with.
And washing dogs. And I need a shower now, and we dreamed
of showers then staring at tunnel walls under the mountain.

Then sunset fell, and we saw giant mountain shadows. We thought
of falling in them tonight-the bus speaker scratchy sound & a smoke
break would be good right now- the girl with dreads talks about a
whore’s bath before a night of campfire romance.

The strange manboy in giant overalls talks of burying
dead cows & how it all makes for a great garden- but he would love it now-
his flirting is, so awkward it is like the geek falling in love at the Carnival-
a tear in his eye, a belly full of booze, and a mouth full of feathers.

You said the weird hippies smelled just like the cliched patchouli oil,
and ain’t that the way it always goes, and the weird luggage guy hitting on that girl-

“Know what I mean jelly bean- you remind me of my girlfriend.”

And of course we are exhausted, and many nights later we’ll be talking about ferrets,
Twitter, and the Beast Master films- drinking Joya Apple soda- talking about these great stories.

And a predictive statement about Lethal Weapon 3-
the uncredited song from the first film in the series- by
Honeymoon Suite.

You here with me riding this bus home with you, and an
old lady rips her pants getting on the bus. You are worth
every strange mile-
through tunnels,
under mountains,
babies screams,
weird gas stations,
and knees in the back.

And we did not know then- what we would know now,
but it was suspected- all the signs seemed right. I remember
you disappearing to go study the moon- we knew then- and before.
We of course know now at this moment.

“I remember the moment we entered Oklahoma- I knew.”


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