Potential Poetry Experiment: #120202

10 Feb

Photos pulled from my phonecamera- Oklahoma City time-
and these apps & websites- the whole media machine jive
driving me mad- to satellite music country & western stars-
silver pistolero blues dozens-commercials about clowns
named Bobo and divine donuts for blue star mothers.
What does anything ever mean?

All these disembodied voices singing in the night-
some are even ghosts-
singing forever songs of love & life.

Looking at maps now, and missing you.
Waiting for that old train whistle now.
A page has ripped out of the atlas- pages 133-136:

inhabited by Indians,
later uplifted by the Rocky
Mountain forces,
on highway 3 & 7 when
they run concurrent for awhile,
Volga, South Dakota-
Oakwood Lakes-
even more famous by Abe
Martin (Kin Hubbard) and
many other artists,

smoking a cigarette
listening to “Crystal Blue Persuasion”
covered by John Wesley Harding in my head

cold Oklahoma night
the locals call it frog drizzle
or was it drog frizzle- I was
warming up a dog I had just given
a bath-

Marc Bolan’s “Skychurch Music” plays this winter night.

Mississippi Palisades State Park,
areas in Montana’s badlands formed from
deposited some 67
million years ago,
north on a dirt rd
mail address

There are so many roads and
they will one day all be flowers-
violets, bluebells, lobelia, bellworts,
and trillium.

And you are a heavenly forest in my mind-
heavily forested with
oak, hickory,
sour gum, tupelo, and
yellowood- native to Brown
County State Park, Indiana,
p. 35, H-4

We are not there, but will be starting on p. 83, C-8, and
end up on p. 97, F-8- again
where we began.


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