Your Foot My Lap Long Bus Ride

10 Feb

We took the early morning bus-
fresh and bright- breakfast at Bojangles- a Greyhound bus station- smoke break
salvation- and it is getting tired

And we were leaving Virginia together- then we did not know we
would be going back together again
by car
once the winter storm passes- Dad says
“Stay a day behind the storm, and remember romance on Valentine’s Day- it lasts for many
days,” he’ll sing a

And Mother, I miss you both, but we’ll be back home soon with you, Dad,
the boys-
“Yeah, you better walk the dogs now with the heater being broken, and we’ll see you soon.”

And there are all these leitmotifs- I am trying to pull off, it just requires-
thinking of music
traveling cross country
double exposures
a trompe l’oeil-
to gain resonance,
spread meaning outward,
and depth charges at night-
when your TV is about to
eat you-
suckling at that blue glass teat-
and I am a stranger on your streets of
Tejano music & train whistles.

And that is where the bus is taking us, but soon the mountains. And. Attempts at sleep.


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