Inflatable Hearts on Mars & Other Art

12 Feb

Blankets lined the wall- Indian quilts- were they horse blankets?

“No, I remember the pictures- people wrapped up warm in those!”

Talking about eating wild honey on the trail- we never have- but
honeysuckle fresh from the vine- dripping from the end of the petals- the stamen?

Computer computing search on flower anatomy- botany- Terra- please wait…

you don’t eat honeysuckle berries, most are slighlty poisonous, with only a few edible varieties.

Yes, you were correct regarding the stamen being the part you suck the honeysuckle at.

Search complete.

And we went out, and visited strange modern art and groovy
underwater flower garden glass. And of course the radio wants
to discuss people in love with guns as a substitute for a daddead by suicide-
the gun becomes the father- eventually the radio says he bedazzled a girl before the…
and you know when to turn the station to whiskey gamblers in the dark reading
cards through eyes & faces drinking in expressions.

Talking about being all shook up and fuzzy, and slanted imagery-
rhyming images.


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