Sonic Controlled Jazzy Clown Brothers

12 Feb

“What a perfect souvenir- dancing clown musicians.”

“Yeah, but at $29.95 the tag says, and you are right we should have taken them out of the box,”
but short on time- the bus would leave us behind at this strange shop next to
a crazy man’s barn
and a Mountain Museum.

And it was you at the end of the line- well both of us-
collecting our bags- and soon it will be time for a barrage
of messages, phone calls, and new meetings in a new city-
your city. Right down the line I hear the familiar whistles
right down the Santa Fe line that I’ve always heard over satellites.

And the radio is a tempermental little beast, and barely plays
anything even under threats of being smashed. Talk of Indians
gambling money away- so many will make fortunes- greed is
always folly my Dad always reminds me!

And tonight Rosa is sleeping with us- a dog of strange breed
maybe even a hybrid breed- an entirely more monkey & cat
creature than the dog she might seem. And it is nigh Valentine’s Day,
and the SPCA is offering free pet adoptions- a free fun & furry Valentine-
it does not please us on multiple levels.

We’ll threaten and curse at the radio, and soon we’ll tire & sleep
as others wake from dreams we are off to ours. We are the fragile
art dreamers playing binaural beats in our years. Off to sleep.


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