Walking Along the Canal in Bricktown

12 Feb

this is my introduction to Oklahoma- what’s going on there is art everywhere-
stickered horses, painted buffalo, and uber
groovy sculpture of men from myth, and spirituality.

Talking of the color yellow tonight it came up in a word
game at the party we are having just room for two-
nothing to hear- maybe we’ll
smash the radio- you keep
your phone- smoking too
many cigarettes- and you know
exactly when to turn the station-

and this becomes an excercise in elaboration-
wonderful songs
awful songs- we’ve heard plenty of music
which is myth- Sisyphus I love how you
embrace the emptiness of meaningless pursuits.

I smile.
You smile.
We laugh at the gelato man change
his story-
slowly revealing the truth-
about the
gelato not
being a bestseller. And we
did not buy it. We sampled a
taste. Down in Bricktown we are
shopping for souvenirs- and we
still need postcards to mail.

Paul Williams singing “Old Fashioned Love Song” with Muppet clones
on the Muppet show tonight,
and don’t you just love that three part harmony-
three parts:
trains on the Santa Fe Line
highways in blue
going cross country-
may the flames of
wildfires- mother nature’s green
renewing flame- we are like that
Phoenix are we not- or a dragon
with a burning green flame.

Something fantastic happening-
we pick up a rose rock & a Lightening-
was that the band- the guy behind the
counter used to be friends with the female singer- and
later still we approach
four more
days in


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