First Snow Walk & Streetlamp Kiss

13 Feb

And after a cold day- a hundred calories is nothing- we’ll talk about dinner-
even revisit its left overs with Rosa Sauce & Rosa as well-
she’s a hungrydog begging for love and sympathy.

A conversation regarding conservationists- such a group
accidentally killed a rhino during a strange demonstration.
Conversations about poisoning rhino horns, and adverse
reactions to being tranqualized. What a strange place
our world is, and I am
taking out the garbage.

The snow is still falling- I come in early morning- hot pie-
and a kiss. Of course we just listen to Oklahoma’s Greatest Hits
War’s – “Why Can’t We Be Friends?” plays,
and the snow has stopped, but the storm is huge-
this was just a
reaching out ahead.

All the technique I have as a poet- derived from my ability to
see things as they are,
feel things as they are,
and I can’t imagine how things
could simply get better than this, but they will-
that’s the way I look
at this winter storm tonight.
The snow fall here delays us,
but they’ve had Thundersnow
and the Great Smokey Mountians had a solid snow.

This is the way I look at the world- it is a you & me
listening to the Santa Fe Railroad line. You are reading
a biography and I am doing a poetry workshop-
learning about slant imagery- the images should
on each other.
Images act as stepping stones.

And it will be a fading winter wonderland
when we wake up, but this morning
right now it is a
silent night-

the radio plays
Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger,”
and this song is plowing the
streets & shining on the radio-
Rocky Balboa an icon racing
up those steps- in Philadelphia I add-
and I picture snow plow drivers boxing.


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