Awake This Morning

15 Feb

This morning an unsomnambulist
I have become. I was asleep entangled with you.

Moments later I was rocked awake by a dream I only remember
as a discordant note.

I lay there, eyes closed, and I listened. I heard:
The timbre of your breathing. Blanket ruffling moving as
I stretched and clanged against its feathers. Birds
talking back & forth in coded song. Your Mom
coughing the morning news rumbles. The jingle
of a dog’s collar- running for the door.
Cars starting. Cars pulling off. A dog in
the distant barks out frustrations- his and my own.

And trucks backing up-
beep beep beep beep-
and it feels as if my
head’s exploding like
an old railroad slack
splattered- train
whistles down the
Santa Fe Line- station
master gives the local kids
money to pick up the pieces-
can be difficult, but I am off
the rails. Off into the deep
wilderness like some glorious
pulp hero studying mystical
mind powers. I feel as if I
am on the verge of understanding
everything suddenly.

Hunting down tropes in my mind as you lay there sleeping.
Doors opening and doors shutting, dogs collars
jingle jangle- wanting out again, and the television
babbles through the walls. I open my eyes to a car alarm.

I would put on the radio next to me, but that might wake you-
and our headphones are packed away. I light a cigarette, you rustle,
and I am filled with an impulse to reach over and wake you up
because maybe this- right here right now-
is a dream.

Upon waking you would I wake me? Or would we both be awake in this dream? Or?

And a short song burst piercing notes-
a northern mockingbird flew by the
window with his answer. I thought of Mimus Polyglottos, and rolled back over to you- to sleep.


One Response to “Awake This Morning”

  1. Melpomene Selemids February 16, 2012 at 5:16 am #

    Breathtakingly beautiful! Captures the dreamy mood beautifully! Tells a story of relationships, moods, memories. It’s moving.

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