Morning Meditation Experiment #01 062322012

24 Jun

I used to with a glance and
calculations of forestry
know the age of all the

A moth fluttering
in a flash
from door
to porch.

Hungry ants
all over the
porch &
the hummingbird

Snails on the column-
black against a
backdrop of white-

The Mockingbird-
the name we gave
him eludes my
mind like crafty
fireflies that
refuse to be
put in a jar-
pretends to
be a quail

bob white
bob white

And I am
missing you
right now

“Where did the Praying
Mantix- Bojangles!- go?”

You asked.

I replied.

“Or the elusive white
tiger swallowtail
butterfly- you’ve
seen him twice!”

You are sleeping.

Are you dreaming?

And you made me a
bracelet from a
single piece of
breaded. Your
longhair now in
headbands, and
what do you call those
hair claw things?


Gravel crunching
and a springwaterjug
of rainwater- that
first summer rain-
later today I will
wash your feet
in the keys to
the rain.

In Oklahoma the trains
were choragic- now
it is frogs after it
rains, dog howls,
and sometimes
silence. I miss
those train
you are asleep.

Coyote populations
are on the rise up
and down the east
coast ecologists say,

Poetry of a three fold
consciousness- mayhap
more- Robert Bly’s idea
of leaping poetry from
a post modernist

Ducks- ducks wings whistling-
and we really need to wash
the dogs- the Razmanian
Devil’s feet stink- and
poor old Boo-
severe arthritis-
he will not like
a bath at all.

The now is all there
ever is, but it never
hurts to plan happy

Now it is time to scrub
the porch, then waking
you up, dog medication,
and then a  bath.


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