Parahippocampal Gyrus Blues

6 Jul

The scientist pulls his beard
arrives at some conclusion
as to the definition of science.
One rarely recognizes the limitations
of memory.

A diagram shows Abba and Aima below
the crown on the sacred tree of Sephiroth.
The heavens one remembers may have
cause-effect connections-
it is the
point to
possess the pleasure
of love who has conquered
others in this manifested existence.

In the astral world are passes,
and man enters the sixth
state of the Soul
in a moment.
Looking for a partner
amongst an
abundance of possessions

The artist goes into a huddle-
yet such scientists have
overwhelming confidence in their own
ways as the mystic holds his
religious faith
using ancient texts…
succeeded in the principal
purposes of medieval
thoughts still ripe.

Studying books or the Memphite Theology,
love of pleasure remembered-
he/she undergoes a great change-
effects of that suffering are
in exact fulfillment-
finding a soul mate imagined
in the minddream morning.


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