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Mingo Sun

4 Jul

“Maybe we can use it for something
else,” the great Mingo said.

“Indeed become a minority of one,”
his son said.

Nothing is ever a proper fox hunt
when it comes to giants unless
there is something giant like
about the foxes- mean red
men like foxes- in the
saltworks. This one thing
must be understood, or all
esle will fail to make
a sensible impression.

“But never wear a ceremonial
thing at a trivial time,”
the great Mingo replied.


Poem # 38

19 Sep

Fairies pissing in
tin pie pans
as the sun sinks
ever lower in the

Street lights
blink and flicker
into being.
Giants dance
around the
stacked shopping

Orange scars
on the face of
the horizon.