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Mingo Sun

4 Jul

“Maybe we can use it for something
else,” the great Mingo said.

“Indeed become a minority of one,”
his son said.

Nothing is ever a proper fox hunt
when it comes to giants unless
there is something giant like
about the foxes- mean red
men like foxes- in the
saltworks. This one thing
must be understood, or all
esle will fail to make
a sensible impression.

“But never wear a ceremonial
thing at a trivial time,”
the great Mingo replied.


Firebomb Somnambulist

23 Jun

One night long ago
I ate the flesh of a
freshly killed deer
that had talked
and walked with

Then I sat alone
by the dying fire
that had cooked
the deer as the
sun fell

I sat there chewing
on the darkness
that was
all around me,
and out.

I passed
out later under
the moon, and
rolled in my dreams
into a baptism
of blood.

I awoke and
then knew that
religion was
an axe that
gives freedom
to the forest,
and I
was more than
a simple