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Candlelight Nightsong

7 Jul

A little wild ray of light
from the dying summer moon
that runs blue through
splendid cities abandoned.
Each and every skull is
pierced with light and
slowly floating away.

As campers we find
our shadow s
leap ing
in the foliage
the golden river glowmurs
our feet outstretched
feeling the sand.

Angels divine
by the light of
their halo s
as lightning
dangerous ly

Lips feel like
our fingers
like bountiful
bird s nesting-
careless divination
amongst the wild
starlight loveplay-
waiting for a
morning as the
stars all

With dreamy candle eyes
we fall asleep as the
stars float above awake.
And new horizons always
have a face, and the
willows rustle in the
wingflight of a

Three in the A.M.

20 Sep

It is just about that time of night
when you begin to lose your way
in the darkness and become like soft
mad dancing rain hitting the pavement,
just waiting for the dawn to burn you up.

It is just about that time of morning
when a cigarette burning in the night
is the only light between you and sanity.
As you fumble with the pack you think
of Christ, and then wish you had a match.

It is just about that time of night
when you wake up in a cold, cold
sweat and realize how truly alone
you sometimes usually are.
You stretch out like a cold metal
clanging against the sheets.

Yeah, it is three in the A.M.
and Goddamn
if it just never