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Overflowing Ashtrays Now vs. Burning of the Great Dismal Swamp Fire

3 Nov

for Mandy- this is another story in the night for you!

I am overflowing ashtrays now,
I am waiting on a phone call
to come tugging
down the line, and I am whistling there is only
one thing on my mind. All these strange
in the night,
and the only one I miss is you- out there
somewhere- Do you know what this is all

White lines are waiting in the night, some on
mirrors reflecting all tomorrows being the same
over and over and some you wake up to one on the
highway at five in the morning you, and all those
white lines are passing, and you have more
stories to tell her, and you can’t wait to whisper
tenderly- I’ve known pelagic depression, but
tonight, tonight it is dark and cold- I miss
you, and it feels right under a new moon.
I decided to go on back to falling down-
Opening up my eyes to everything.
Opening up my ears to the harmony.

The Great Dismal Swamp on fire in the night
I can smell it burning on the air
I am many miles away that night,
many miles away tonight.
It is dark, and there are those flames
to those who don’t know any better
hidden behind skyblue sunglasses-
extend the time limit!

It just sits there on the giant ashwood desk.
Is that a return address?
There’s enough energy everywhere to create
the Big Bang, when certain things align.

Some things are about money I think, and
then there was this person preaching about
the antlered man
and the great green earth mother, and I
said yeah, I understand, but I don’t think
that you do really.

Don’t think you can tomfool your way,
that’s all I was saying you can’t fool
your way through this, not this time,
not tonight, it is not that dark,
I can still see.

So what was I saying about my
alumunium heart, and sleeping
in the night, and do I answer
the phone? Light was flashing
somewhere in the night- and
I think if I was somewhere I would
be happy instead I’m stuck
on this great northern railroad
line tonight. I’ve seen visions in
a crstyal ball, I walked with a zombie,
I danced with a zombie the other night.

And time grabbed me hard by the collar,
and said, “Get out of here real soon, you
were never on Noah’s ark.” And I awoke
sweaty and groggy, and is the dream
broken- please just extend the time
limit- take of your sky-blue sunglasses.

And Heaven sent me a message that it
was well after closing time in the night,
and I should go or things could get weird.
Vengence vile and violent, and weird energies
in the night, and he was just an old bone daddy
rolling his bones in my face, first.

There’s this river I’ve never heard-
never swam in its current- I’ve done a study
over a thousand evenings, and I’m 99% percent
certain of what hell is- I’ve been there before-
it is always cloudy and full of smoke in the dark-
but I’ve been given the keys to a new city passed
to me in a sweet kiss, from tongue to tongue,
and after a thousand years I’ve just been
waiting to get that close to you- there’s enough
energy here to create a second Big Bang- this is the
only way I know to stop that endless white
line from coming, tugging on down the line,
and I’ve been a gambler,
and I am ready to fade away into the night-
be in a different place-
the only place I want to be
is with you in the early winter
dark, it is cold outside, baby.

I am smoking my dreams away tonight
while I remember the Dismal Swamp
burning under the moon, and stars, a
fire glows in the night- I remember the
smoke, and then I close my eyes and
think of your winter promises. Hold on,
I am going to spin some records on- you
pour a  few drinks, and I’ll move in real
close, as it is oh, so cold outside and I
hear those lonely train whistles- they
are in my ears too- just one more
cigarette, what do you say?

I’ve been waiting a thousand years for
a yes.

No Hand Can Write This

18 Jun

He plays a song of rain
and locks with a broken
valve in the night.

He who promised not to tell with
teeth fiercely pressed together
like the bricks of the old Mexican
church, forever in stone.

and doomed, a thousand fingers
point to an old man smashed
on a round table of failing stocks
and downward trends.

And he still plays on with
all the pathetic humor of
a performing