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Poems, Questions & Prayers

12 Jul

Is there a deeper
resounding truth?
My electric flute
sense seems to
say yes.

My womb introspection
of strange fairytales and
falling curtains full of
sparks brings on a
delicate and almost
impercetible fatigue.

A bottomless confusion
is born within me brought
on by pattern intoxication.
Staring at paintings by old
Dutch masters arouse a
deep and often hidden
silence which dissolves
almost instantly in water.

I am left with a voracious
fantasy emptied of all
hunger and left with an
acute thirst.

I am stagnation brought
to life. Trembling under
the caresses in a garden
of always savage flowers.
My suffering becomes

My ecstacy one of rusty
flesh like a leaf floating
that is suddenly sunk
by a piano tongue
under stainedglass moons.

I stand here raising my
hands to the sky
for pure absolution
polishing the hibernating
jewels in my mind.

I look into a mirror
labyrinth, and cerebral
fires burn bright
forming constellations
of words and spaces
in between them.
For now I am done.

Note: this poem about poetry was written based on prompting at dVerse- the Poet’s Pub

Frogin the Water Tank Blues

5 Jul

A full minute.
You could really
have a fineday made
out of the sweetest

Get up there quickly.
Your spirit is rather
a spirit of catfish
names and appearances-
just as days and weeks

Then there is the
number of the rotating
compensasting questions.
How do you?
Do what?
Are they even?

White with fury you may
become when such a thing
was put on, and you have
not heard the last stone of
that science which is
built up slowly
about each other
each other about.
I had a rope, and
you had a stump.

The answers are needed
right now- a note- or
notes at intervals.
I knew how it was done.
Did you?

Like they do in Boomer flats?
In a little while it died.
Up with a thing, and
down with another thing.

“The effects?”
she said out of her curly

Who knows?
I don’t-
do you?