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My Heart Dreams

26 Jun

for Mandy- my forever

A dream of uncovering a
pebble, stone, or rock-
I don’t know which-
in the river by the

I pick up the rock
(I think it is a rock)
it is broke, and I
see it’s heart before
it crumbles in my
hand falling
back to the

I turn to you, and grin.
You wink at me. We laugh-
we who need no words
have on our tongues
eternity whispers- as
echoes on the edge
of lips approaching
the infinite.

I Learned to See in the Dark…

8 Sep

I learned to see in the dark
when I swallowed a mountain whole-
pure screaming vibrations
wild drunk lightning
staggering rhythms
sweet death drugs
barefoot room running
supernatural jukebox
of eternity playing in
my head and then there was
heaven dreaming roaring-
my sanity shivered
contemplating the
the tragedy of traffic
confessing streetlights
whiskey soup dramas
neon sun hospitals
howled jazz
windowsill eyes
wept unshaven
saintly detectives on
the trail of
larva that danced
and smoked wig
leaving lonely
pamphlets in
showing the way
to salvation
and the dragging
down nature of
cemeteries that make
for poor highway lights
sucking on my fingers
pulling the magic out
I turn the light of and
lay my head down
in the river
to sleep

No Grapes for the Widowman’s Wares

26 May

Left with no refuge against
death- dead wife and
barren vines-
he left with a basket of
thwacked finery and
thunderbird fins.

He rows his flatboat
in a river swollen
fishtail white with
testacean frothiness.
He knows there are
no laws in time.
He simply waits a slaver
like a hangman
no choice but
tying killing knots.

In town earlier before the tide
he watched a very
clever medico sterilize
the Wolfman’s bite.
The old man throws
his noose knot
from his flatboat and
wishes he was a younker.