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Quite a Bit of Confusion Concerning the Night Without You

21 Jul

In the gloaming we sit on the porch.
The ghosts of bottles reach out
capturing the last of the sun
as the ground eats it. The forest
grows dark. Twigs point like
twisted bone fingers scaring
the last of the eating birds

I roll two cigarettes slowly. I
reach out towards the distant
sunset. I hand Buck one as he
looks up from his notebook-
which contains the notes of
salvation for tomorrow’s
sermon. Voices yell inside
the kitchen, or maybe it
is the TV- that blue glass
teat someone suckles on

He talks to me of water
monsters, destroyers,
white mountain veils and
light bearers as messengers
of God. I reach out and
light his cigarette, and
light mine- a peacable
burning like the sun
weighed and divided
ashes scattered in

I listen to the metal
laughter of my watch
holding it up to my
ear. I look through
the window spying
dead blackandwhite
people. I wonder what
secrets their shadows
hold on the otherside
of time and that

Dark trees argue
against a colored
sky as bats swoop
down and down in
the gold pink
sky cloud mountains
I could climb, and
Buck punctuates his
talk of-
a place of troops,
gifts to Jehovah,
anointed rivers,
and a man
of the dart-
with his own

I take the ring of
my finger and
send the bottle’s
crown tumbling
down in grace down
with the remnants
of the burnt ones-
burnt faces whom
God will strengthen-
yeah that’s what
he says. And I
make notes in my
my mind of the
whispers of trees
A crow flies on
the horizon as
John the neighbor’s
dog barks- maybe
later he’ll come over
and drink the last
of the good beer.

Though if John comes
he’ll talk about working
on old engines, and his
time out at sea. I’ve
got something else on
my mind. I wish you
weren’t watching the
crows groom themselves
behind your eyes

Buck is talking about
Mattathias Hasmoneas slaying
a fellow jew attempting
a pagan sacrifice at the
altar in Modein when I
see John strolling
over with stories of
bannana boat suicides behind
his eyes.

Buck is talking
about the birds of heaven as
they shake hands. And I
say farewell to this fine
hot evening, but I am on
the verge of a bright insight
spinning my last coins and
swallowing the last of my

*Written for Poetics over at dVerse Poets Pub.


Crestfallen Train Wreck Rider

10 Jul

*Note: This poem was pulled out of the past to introduce myself to a new group of poets at dVerse Poet’s Pub as part of their OpenLinkNight.

Lobotomy joy bop bodies
in an ashcan dancehaze
with peels of neongiggle
gibberish unshaven
wild detectives
on the roadside
snatch the fairies
right up.

They lounge in the highway
blues with chained electricity,
and roaring basement alchemy
poured slowly into wineglasses.
Locomotives shiver on by
dragging their lightning swords.
Click click click cameras
capture the shame of whoring
hotel delights and harpsichords
floating in whiskey.

A weeping telepathic archangel
stands on the corner with filthy
vibrating stanzas in his hands-
full of screaming
radiate with moans.
Tenements shudder,
and hospitals grow children.

The pavement is hungry for
motorcyclists & drunk firetruck
tears. I scribble a postcard of
waitresses, boxcars and a broken
saxophone to my dead Grandfather
across the bridge of gloaming
streetlight incantations,
and police cars

A ping pong visionary plays
railway skull hypnotist tricks
among the broken and butchered
bottles. Alcohol womb of the midnight
sun and gas station hallucinations.
The salvation of a dollar and rooftop
tragedies blur by as illuminated
riverferris wheels dance and spin
toward the heavens above me.