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Containers of Time & The Death of a Blog

19 Sep

Poetry can be a dead end, but if it speaks of eternity and love in words

on the tongue a treasure, and I think of sea gulls and all those birds

we’ve seen as recurring symbols- the birds keep on reiterating, Momma, a gull,

a crow, a goose, a turkey- certain symbols keep on reiterating, over

and over again- and it is all about never finding enough time to spend on

love and kindness

and we had that last estate sale which we did not know then would be the

last or our last meal out after a day of tests and doctors, and

now the poetry is expanding- some are turning into paintings as

well as the day rises or the night ends or daybreaks and nightcaps.

Working on next collection of poetry- which will launch a new

site as this blog has expired, but shall remain cybernetically

alive beyond even its death- a true ktistec blog machine

eternity- entitled “The Island Field Museum or

Prehistoric Cemetery Trips or

Small mammals on a great blue dot spinning

’round… Mandy and I will debate these and

other titles well into

the night and maybe even

into the morning.

Not asleep yet, just sitting here opening up

my mind, and taking in all the signs that

keep on repeating:

1. a lone gull on a line of empty pier posts

2. a new dinosaur- Baryonyx Walkeri discovered by a plumber in 1983

3. a black hole scary story in the dark

4. “Deep Hole to Probe Big Fault”- starring french campers & hijinks

involving stolen firewood- file under beach/comedy

5. two gulls on a perfect soul perch

6. wind surfing in farmlane puddles with boats made of leafs-

what craft they art!

7. Carolina wrens will predict a mild winter this year?

8. a boat from Christ’s time washes ashore long ago

9. sleepy squirrel blues summer sales

10. ?

11. Thoughts on the images & symbols the keep on reiterating- over and over again.

And. This blog is dead, but as in all things a rebirth will follow as I will be launching a a new blog- and those links will go:

0. Here

Cybernetic Tongues Tasting Babel– the new poetry blog


I thank each and everyone of you for stopping by and reading, and ask that you continue to do so, and keep on reading even more once other blog experiments launch. As always feel free to email me or leave a comment below.

Peace, love, and light. Namaste.