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Old Movie Monsters & Me

10 Jul

Note: This is a very rough attempt, and only my second at a song even if it bears little resemblance to a song at the moment that is the intention for this piece at some point in the future. Enjoy. Namaste.

Sometimes late at night
night when I drink
more than I should
and I’m racing with the headlights
and the moon. I feel just
like old Dracula did
crawling back to his tomb.
He wanted to escape the
morning light ’cause he knew
the sun would burn him
up and that’s how I felt this
morning. I crawled away from
the light, scared that if it
touched me I would break.

Sometimes when I’m out swimming
after a long hot lonely day.
I feel just like that old creature
just wanting to touch a
face, but the beauty was
denied him, and like him
I sink below the surface
of a black lagoon.

Sometimes when I’m out walking
I feel as if in a daze. I’ve got layers
wrapped around me
protecting me
from everyone
and everything.
I don’t want to talk about it
because I’m afraid
that with just one touch
I’ll unravel like that old Mummy
might have done.

Now there are nights where the
only light I’ve seen is the moon.
Beautiful and full of hunger and
a chill then I know
just why that old wolfman was
howling on and on.

And I run.
And I run.
And I don’t know
what else
that I
can sing.

So I guess what I’ve been trying to
say but maybe not saying it at all
Is that without you around the days
are rough and the nights long,
and I feel just like all
those old monsters
out bumping in the night
’cause really each in our own way
we’re all searching
for that same thing.

No Hand Can Write This

18 Jun

He plays a song of rain
and locks with a broken
valve in the night.

He who promised not to tell with
teeth fiercely pressed together
like the bricks of the old Mexican
church, forever in stone.

and doomed, a thousand fingers
point to an old man smashed
on a round table of failing stocks
and downward trends.

And he still plays on with
all the pathetic humor of
a performing