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Steam Coming Up Over the Distance

23 Jul

Everything is sort of
slow but all in a rush.
The Spirit of the Earth
and european urban
over run
my name,
a Christian would say,
on candy bars and they
found him 4 days later
wading in the
morning sun like
the neck of a cobra.

Nature guessed it was
not the orginally
intended experiment.
No, we’ll make up
the missing
piece- yes, that

Speaking on the
combustability of
cadmium and voices in
nature- even had mutual
friends- ready to talk
there on the lectern.

The Earthmother drank
wine- in later life
a sacred dreamer-
1881. Some days spent
presenting scientific
findings on the pain
of the Indian, left to
cool in vats. A holy
man of the Oglala
Sioux never made it.
Century eyes half
closed forever we
are all dreaming.
See you again?
Maybe some time.