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The Last Hot Summer Night

14 Sep

Late at night
I sit
watch TV
and it becomes
like a Cadillac science to me
as the headlights race
to the corner of the wall.

Take the Golden Road

17 Oct

It was talked about
in the garage
what the winter
always wore.
He followed her
into the kitchen
embarassed, they were
child-like enough.

Later they would
visit gardens
in the air
on the only landing
of the stairs.

Drinking just did not
do it for them
any more.

They had enough
of being
born in this world,
but both were new
at the tree game.

A rifle barrel
(out of the air)
lead the way
for them both.
Now it was always
around 7 o’clock
on a warm summer

Tears rolled down
their cheeks,
laughter dead in their
They had thought
about doing this
for years.