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The Dogs of Heaven

17 Jul

I’ve seen the electric
snakes and the human
tigers- sometimes they
become electric tigers
and human snakes- but
only at times. Always
plowing the streets like
rockets and stray lithers.

I sit here and suffer from
a perpetual self professed
desire to be unhappy born
out of meretricious catharses
constantly brought on by the
transient world, or is it the
ambient world? Either way it
is the world at large that does
this- not the world in parts of
summum bonum.

And. I’ve been kissed by the
lovely dolphin maidens- that
some say come from the sea.
I’m not sure if the latter is true,
but I do know their nettle kisses
sting me feeling like a hundred
thousand pin pricks on my lips.
They take some of me, and leave
me in return bruises and whispers
of games of chance played
against the dogs of heaven.

Note: Written as part of the OpenLinkNight over at dVerse Poets Pub

Are The Good Times All Gone?

9 May

for all the fans of Ignatius J. Reilly out there. I hope this does not offend proper theology and geometry. If it does, well…

Reilly’s supercilious blue and
earflap and collar.

That Ignatius had himself broken
hot myself.

Gag several
One of the customesrs just spilled
they drink
of history temporarily fading,
don’t know what’s happening
to you,

tolerant of this gaffee when one considers
I had witnessed one on the television
so many times. A man with eyes, that
squeeze the soul slightly.

And uncut hair and the fine bristles of
a beard, with a rich inner life like
Milwaukee or Chicago or some other…

leaning over a glass case an old man
in New Orleans arched an eyebrow
at Ignatius and his mother?