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Connie’s Song- a prayer in 1400 miles of bluesky redclouds, fossils

30 Jul

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Crestfallen Train Wreck Rider

10 Jul

*Note: This poem was pulled out of the past to introduce myself to a new group of poets at dVerse Poet’s Pub as part of their OpenLinkNight.

Lobotomy joy bop bodies
in an ashcan dancehaze
with peels of neongiggle
gibberish unshaven
wild detectives
on the roadside
snatch the fairies
right up.

They lounge in the highway
blues with chained electricity,
and roaring basement alchemy
poured slowly into wineglasses.
Locomotives shiver on by
dragging their lightning swords.
Click click click cameras
capture the shame of whoring
hotel delights and harpsichords
floating in whiskey.

A weeping telepathic archangel
stands on the corner with filthy
vibrating stanzas in his hands-
full of screaming
radiate with moans.
Tenements shudder,
and hospitals grow children.

The pavement is hungry for
motorcyclists & drunk firetruck
tears. I scribble a postcard of
waitresses, boxcars and a broken
saxophone to my dead Grandfather
across the bridge of gloaming
streetlight incantations,
and police cars

A ping pong visionary plays
railway skull hypnotist tricks
among the broken and butchered
bottles. Alcohol womb of the midnight
sun and gas station hallucinations.
The salvation of a dollar and rooftop
tragedies blur by as illuminated
riverferris wheels dance and spin
toward the heavens above me.