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Visiting the Bungalow Labyrinth

24 Jul

I ventured to translate this
place by ancient lights in
space- the slime of the
Earth and of the spittle-
into the psychology
of a pregnant woman by the
catacomb of her warm
cathedraled sex- it was
all vaguely in bad taste
of course.

The city was washed in a
melancholy quicksilver. I
had published humorous
little pieces about the
schizo-ghosts of those
drowned animals,
but enough of that,
Barnaby ordered.

Understand it involves
an electronics nut and
a featherheaded girl in-
stead. Grotesquely the
idea appealed to me
strongly like the Milky
Way above me at that
moment in that strange
house of charity.

We were all armed with
the strongest of Universal
forces, Love, but in a
world of manic materialism
this can be, and often
proves to be powerless like
age mistranslated- through
tired elegant eyes- as

-but promise to love
others, too.

Yes, all a delusion.
Remember that book?
It will spread like
an autumn fire among
the windrows.

An apeman sketching
words on near-paper,
think of him as a burst
bubble, a two-headed
lion with one foot and
a woman with two. Live
forever then, O, that

It is a house of
shins, holy sadness
and magenta stained eyes.
The night flutters by
like a moth snatched
and eaten as a lost
tribe appears crossing
the avenue.

Eyes narrowed broken
glass reconciling the
fantasy years of the
region between. Now
it is a quasisentient
gestalt like Jimmy
Stewart as a Clown
in 1952, the words
here, talk of secrets
lost underground for
years on a subway
train that flew off
the tracks into
a dream unremembered
and things well
beyond the moon.

*Written as a part of Open Link Night over at dVerse Poets Pub*

My Heart Dreams

26 Jun

for Mandy- my forever

A dream of uncovering a
pebble, stone, or rock-
I don’t know which-
in the river by the

I pick up the rock
(I think it is a rock)
it is broke, and I
see it’s heart before
it crumbles in my
hand falling
back to the

I turn to you, and grin.
You wink at me. We laugh-
we who need no words
have on our tongues
eternity whispers- as
echoes on the edge
of lips approaching
the infinite.

Narcissus Remembers Dreaming

9 Sep

Hallucinations in Technicolor
spark movements in the mirror.
Electric witchcraft illumination
like the dizziness of a
transparent womb- hibernating
in confusion.

Delicate fantasies of
ivory strangers playing
swimming pianos.
Absolution flowers in
the tragic flesh smoke
of blinding renewal
that blocks all
intoxication. Left
with a thirst
and a hunger.

Leafs quiver under
the moons rushing
to the savage
temporal music
giving way to a

Two Dreamers Merging

1 Sep

She weeped as he
enclosed her wrists
in secret flower
shackles there was a
dizziness within him.
Her body was a
hallucination in
stainedglass a holy
labryinth of ecstasy
many regions to explore.

Her breath hibernated
in her throat then its
tempo increased. Her
delicate witchcraft
rushing rusty intoxication
full moons rising pure

Sparks and silent caresses
in the dark her mouth a
savage fantasy and
opiumden dark red supple
lips leading to a dangerous
hysteria of the flesh

then a whirling love soul
climax transparently
in quivers and trembling
music together one electric
wholeness- a discovery
of absolution on his
mirror tongue.

Rhetorical Dreams

16 Oct

Dreams revealing habits
from every tradition, one
refuge for everyone.

Carefully I scream,
“Ah ah!”

There is a little door to
the bog that I recognize.

It is evening in some
ancient market town.

Sages dispense cosmic
charity while out on the
shore, in the rolling
tide, bathing maidens
muse on mossy

The Zen of Today

10 Jul

This morning I took a walk
through the woods. Up
and down
a mountain.

One day I shall walk this
world no more.

Today I stood on the
edge of a lake watching
a fisherman. I saw myself
in both the man and the
fish dangling
on the

One day I shall stand no more.

This evening I sit and look back
on this day knowing it will
never came again in this
same disguise.

One day I shall sit no more.

Tonight I lie down in peace
to slumber. I will fall into
dreams, and then later

One day I shall
lie in peace
awake in dreams
at last.