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Castles Burning in the Sky

16 Jul

Crazy colors,
across the courtyard,
temporal mirrors
full of rusty murmurs,
and futility. Under a
brilliant light on
a tall pole clever
smoke intoxication
keeps you going.

A ride in back-
deeper penetration
curtain spark flesh
nimble moons in
darkness between
warm wet play. Taste
flower blossom garden
green dreams nodding
mutely. Stars bring the
black fieldsky to life
above night castles-
spaces left open
waiting for a response.
Lace under fingers
falling to dust.

Clear wonderful
scrolling lines
and curves make
us think we are
not caged- shifting
light cascades-
a soft radiance
of fire arouses
falling flute
breath- beautiful
skin fire
ablaze like
dream castles
set aflame by
your breath,
and in your
brain first
burning snow
bonfire hearts

A Smile of Petals Stroking Handfuls of Sleep

13 Jul

You are sitting open
down huddling on the
under a fur tree.
Silently you carry spring
limp roots sprouting
stroking bluets
Yes we touch.

I perceive eyes
Heaving breath
equals all the
beautifully frail
sleeping people
My soul
the rain.

Shasta Daisy

14 Sep

Shasta Daisy cool and sweet
and hot. How I long for those
spring days we shared. Tasting
your sweet sweat in an abandoned
jeep within the old red shed. I
yearn again for the time
when your petals unfolded
and yielded to me, engulfing
all that was me.

we clung to each other
like religions to their

I devoured you,
you swallowed me whole,
and all around us the shed
was dark. Inside the jeep
that was old and wrecked
we kept finding each other
again and again until we
were both lost to each other

Last December

18 Jul

My Grandmother

was covered with snow

while spring lay dreaming


gentle flowers.

Strangers Smile at Stones Like Setting Suns

4 Jun

Flowers, those strange
and often dead friends
of spring
and romance
looked out from whatever
balconies nature
might provide onto
so many emerald valleys
thoughts slung
out into the woods
then tripping downward
in seclusion.

Hearts as light as
his oaken name
which seemed deepened
by his father’s passing.
His broken words echoed
in that instant. Hearing
them as if in sleep
lumbering. His mind ceased
swiftly at her demand as she
ascended the interior corridors,
so slowly the impression
she left reminded
him of which walls
could chain him.

He thought of her love
as priceless
therefore the guardians
never slept on their watch.
She closed the largest of
her little fingers around his
heart and with an unknown
smile given she seemed
to beckon with a rustle
as he was hanging secretly
in a resting-place.

It had been a killing thing,
surprised ruinous
generations lost in
those marble sheets.

A stranger remembered
and smiled at the stones
which he misunderstood,
and took for an ominous
sign.  Something at a turn
in the passage ahead
looked upward.
He turned and looked
over his shoulder
all the sounds were empty.

She knew the many calculations
of the knife,
its full blade about
to be stepped
up from the point.

Out in the hallway walked swords.
Her eyelashes had mastered every
meaning, and none suspected a
war was going on below them.
A simple study of storms and
seven hats
turned to dust and
forming, a village of strangers
and smiling Saints which would be
made smooth by the centuries.